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Why is Motortrend’s Roku TV app so terrible?

Why is Motortrend’s Roku TV app so terrible? – Quora

Why is Motortrend’s Roku TV app so terrible? I’m not a subscriber to the Motortrend channel but there could be several reasons. Here are some questions to help …

Motortrend App is infuriating : r/Roadkillshow – Reddit

Roku sucks for Motor Trend. Locks up, can’t find stuff. Amazon Firestick is “better” but not great. App is flawless on Iphone XR.

Motortrend Channel Crashing On Starup? – Roku Community

Same problem. MotorTrend is the worst streaming channel I have ever watched. Their instructions to delete the cache does not work. 0 …

Solved: Can’t get MotorTrend app to open – Page 2 – Roku Community

Solved: No matter what I try, I cannot open the MotorTrend app. I have several TV with different types of Rokus and none of them will open …

Cannot Open Motortrend Subscription – Roku Community

1) Remove the Motortrend app (Highlight the app, press the Options (*) button on the remote, then Remove) · 2) RESTART the Roku (Settings/System/ …

MotorTrend+: Stream Car Shows › Customer reviews –

I tired a Roku and a Fire Stick with this app, and both sucked. I’m not about to buy an Apple TV just to get a better experience with this crappy service.

Customer reviews: MotorTrend+: Stream Car Shows –

So I’ve almost sold him on getting rid of the cable box. … The recent update to the MotorTrend app on my Insignia Amazon Fire embedded Smart TV is a bit …

MotorTrend+: Watch Car Shows 4+ – App Store

Roku Scams in 2022 [How to Spot Them And What to Do]

Roku does not need access to your device or computer, so do not let anyone … happens when you get ready to set up your Roku device or TV.