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Why are the batteries for my Roku remote last so little time?

Why are the batteries for my Roku remote last so little time? – Quora

It probably requires quite a bit of current, far more than the batteries were designed to produce. It would have been nice if nothing had ever been designed …

Why is my Roku remote draining batteries and how to fix?

Solved: Please help! My roku remote is going through batteries. I have to change weekly or else take them out when not using(what a hassle)!

How Long do Roku Remote Batteries Last? – Pointer Clicker

Other users say that their batteries are dead every time they pick up their remote. Therefore, it makes you wonder what causes battery drainage.

TCL Roku Voice Remote Drains Batteries

TCL Roku Voice Remote Drains Batteries. Issue: The TV remote drains batteries every few days. Resolution: The remote may need to be repaired to the TV.

Roku users experiencing excessive remote battery drain issue

Roku is one of the biggest and a reliable player in the streaming device sphere but one of its latest streaming devices, Roku Streaming Stick+ …

My Roku-Ultra seems to go through batteries awful – Q&A – Best Buy

The remote batteries drain much faster than those in a regular tv … last very long…trying high-end alkaline for the first time this week …

Why is my Roku Remote Battery Drains fast – How to Fix it – Apprupt

How long should Roku remote batteries last? … by restarting the device, whereas other times, it requires a little more effort than that.

Roku Remote Not Working? Here are the Top Fixes – Alphr

My remote is rechargeable so no access to batteries or no simple access. Can not get to work with Sony TV. The only thing trying to fix is TV …

Roku remote batteries already need replacement @ 30% after only …

in this video, my Roku remote with voice control has been dieing literally every month. in this …