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How do I turn off the audio description on Roku?

3 ways to turn off the voice narration on your Roku device

1. Press the Home button on the Roku remote. ; 2. Select Settings in the sidebar on the left. ; 3. Select Accessibility. ; 4. Select Screen Reader.

How to Turn Off Voice on Roku in a Few Easy Steps

1. Open the Roku Home screen and navigate to the Settings · 2. Go to Accessibility · 3. Select Screen Reader or Audio Guide · 4. Select Off to …

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Thanks for the note! You can disable the audio guide feature by either pressing the * key four times quickly on your Roku remote, or from within …

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The second is via software. Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Screen Reader from the Roku OS home screen and toggle the feature off. How to …

How to Turn Off Voice (Audio Narrator) on Roku in Easy Ways

Turn Off Voice on Roku from Roku Settings … [1] Press the Home button on your Roku remote. [2] Scroll down and choose the Settings option. … [3] …

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Once enabled, the screen reader (formerly known as the Audio Guide) will speak aloud text and descriptions from the Roku user interface, …

How do I turn off the audio description on Roku? – Quora

You can disable the Audio Guide from Roku’s Accessibility settings menu. From the Home menu, scroll down to Settings, then select Accessibility > Audio Guide.

Disable Stop Narration Audio Track on Roku Streaming Movies

How to disable the Narration on the Roku Movies.Easy fix, that can by hard to find.

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Roku lets you turn the audio description off using your Roku remote control. It is the simplest and quickest method on how to turn off audio description on …